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Curtis Pusher Bi-plane D-8-60 flown by Charles Walsh of Curtis Exhibition Co. Trobably first airplane flight in Kingston, June 3,1912.

Airplanes, 1928.

Item is a photograph of Government Inspectors from Dept. of Civil Aviation landing May 1928 to inspect first Municipal Airport. Identified are Harry Muir, Mg. of Whig- Standard; Dr. W.W. Sands, City Clerk; W.H.Herrington, Lawyer; Ald Harry Sargearth, Druggist.


Stogger wing Beechcraft in centre with Kingston Flying Club planes on the left.


Walt Leavans with unidentified man standing in front of an Eagle Rock OX 5 Engine. Photo taken before Flying Club was formed.


Item is a photograph of the side view of a test plane. Autogyro at the Kingston Air Meet, 1931.


Aerial view of the Norman Rogers Aerodrome.

Power, Charles Gavan


Item is a photograph of an R100 Airship over Kingston,1930.

[R-100 at Montreal]

Item is a photograph of an R-100 Airship (dirigible) hooked to a mast at Montreal. The photograph is mislabelled as Kingston.

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