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Queen's Picture collection
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Douglas Chair. Left in memory of W.L. Grant.

The Cooke Studio


Photo of Dr. Dunsmore's riding boots made specially for him during the first World War.


The Vanier Cup, the Dunsmore trophy and the Churchill Cup trophy.

Berry, Wallace R.


Commemorative Silver tray presented to Frank R. Leadley and Harry L. Batstone. Tray is inscribed "Frank R. Leadley and Harry L. Batstone/The Invincible backfield of Queen's University Football Team/Dominion Champions-1922-3-4/Intercollegiate Champions 1922-3-4-5/Loyal comrades, generous rivals, true gentlemen both/this same presentation is made to them/Queen's Graduates and friends/ in honour of/ their lasting contribution to the ideals of Canadian Sport and Manhood".


The Frank Tindall Award plaque which is presented to the Canadian Intercollegiate Football Coach of the Year.

Artifacts - Jenkins Trophy

The Jenkins Trophy was first presented by Mr. Thomas Jenkins in 1930 and is awarded annually to the graduating student who has brought the most honour to Queen's by his athletic and scholastic ability.

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