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Frank Flemington
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Letter, Toronto, to Charles G. D. Roberts,

Typed letter(s) signed by the author, (carbon copy), forwarding a copy of the table of contents for a collection of poems.

Frank Flemington

Letter, to E.C. Kyte, Kingston, ON

Typed letter(s) lacking signature (carbon copy), stating copy of Wild notes from the back woods ordered, discussing portrait found in Tecumseh.

Frank Flemington

Letter, to Anne Marriott, Victoria, BC

Typed letter(s) lacking signature (carbon copy), sending page-proofs of Marriott's chapbook Salt marsh and informing her that revised version of Widow of an airman will be used.

Frank Flemington

Memorandum, to C.G.D. Roberts.

Typed letter(s) lacking signature, discussing Pierce's reasons for delaying printing of biography..

Frank Flemington

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