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Letter with enclosure, from George Edward Brown

Item consists of one handwritten letter signed by the hand of the author, thanking John Buchan for a book he had sent him. There is also one press clipping on Sir Walter Raleight enclosed, [1911?].

Brown, George Edward

Letter, from W. J. Brown

Item is a typed letter signed by the hand of the author.

Brown, W. J.

Letter with enclosure, from A. M. Mazio

Item consists of one typed letter signed by the hand of the author and one press clipping of an Italian review of the recipient's book, "Augustus", enclosed, dated 19 Gennaio 1938 [19 Jan. 1938].

Mazio, A. M.

Miscellaneous speeches and article

Item consists of two press clippings from the Congressional Record and typed drafts of ten different speeches, including : a reply to an address from the St. George's Society, a speech to Reverend Pere, a speech entitled "Covent of Les Soeurs de la Presentation de Marie", a speech in Farnham, a speech at Thetford Mines and other untitled speeches.

Writing on R. L. Stevenson

Item is an article published in "The Academy" (periodical), Oxford, on R.L. Stevenson.

The Larger Task of Missions

Item is an article published in "Other Lands", concerning the League of Nations.

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