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Advocate and the Jury, The 1/2

Part 1. Main Speaker(s): Justice Archie Campbell, Marcia Matsui, Michael Brown. Video is of a part of the 1990 Fogler, Rubinoff Advocacy Symposium. The panelists discuss issues with the legal system, focusing on the relationship between the defense and the jury.
Part 2. Continuation and conclusion of the symposium discussion between Justice Campbell, Matsui, and Brown. The panelists answer questions from the audience during the last portion of the video.

Queen's University. Queen's Television.

Queen's Women

Part 2. Video on the history of women attending Queen's University initiated by the Dean of Women's Oral History Project, including their fight for equality in the university. Footage is a slideshow of photographs of women from Queen's history with interviews of Laura Campling, Pat Douglas-Murray and Kathleen Healy. Filmmakers are Leslie Jean Anderson, Maaret Koskinen, Heather Moffat and Kathleen Osterland.

Queen's University. Queen's Television.

Georgio Rongeo Music Video

Song by Georgio Rongeo about Toronto featuring a slideshow of city landmarks. Afterward, a short PSA on the importance of using your seatbelt provided by a businessman.

Queen's University. Queen's Television.

Convocation- Jock Hardy Part 1

Part1. Main Speaker: Agnes McCausland Benidickson, George Munro Grant (actor), David Smith, Douglas Wright. Video begins with a re-enactment of the first convocation for the Faculty of Applied Science. Benidickson announces the re-enactment after which Grant (actor) announces convocation of the first two Applied Science graduates. Once the re-enactment is over Smith does a modern-day convocation, presenting Wright with an honourary degree. Wright then does a speech to the graduating class. The graduating class of engineers is then given their degrees.

Queen's University. Queen's Television.

Convocation 1985, Chazov & Lown Part 2

Part 2. Main Speakers: David Smith, Yevgeniy Ivanovich Chazov and Bernard Lown (Hown). Smith talks about Chazov's and Lown's accomplishments, before presenting them with their degrees. Chazov then addresses the convocation with a speech. Lown then presents another speech to the convocation. Afterwards, graduating students are given their degrees for the rest of the video. This tape is presumably the cut-out section of part 1.

Queen's University. Queen's Television.

Convocation, Hillary Part 2

Part 2. Main Speakers: David Riddick, David Smith. Begins with multiple representatives of different universities shaking Agnes Benedickson's and Smith's hands. Those who graduated from an MA program receive their degrees. Riddick addresses the convocation before receiving his honourary degree. Afterwards a video created for the sesquicentennial is played. Smith presents Ramon John Hnatyshyn, Marlene Brant Castellano, Helene Cixous, William Dennis Jordan, Alexander Marshall Levitt, Paula LeDuc, and Lydia Phindile Makhubu with an honourary degree.

Queen's University. Queen's Television.

Convocation, Hillary Part 3

Part 3. Main Speakers: David Smith. Stuart Ryan, avid Smith, Wilfred Cantwell Smith, and Malcolm Charles (unknown last name) are presented with an honourary degree. David Smith then addresses the convocation with a speech. Brian Yealland says a benediction, and the convocation ends.

Queen's University. Queen's Television.

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