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Installation of the Chancellor Part 1

Part 1: Dr Angnes Benedickson. Location: Grant Hall. Video begins with footage of procession filing into Grant Hall. Dr Benedickson is appointed chancellor, and then delivers a speech. Thomas Berger, Sidney Robert Blair, Brian Dickson, Robert Dunsmore are all presented with an honourary doctorate of laws.

Queen's University. Queen's Television.

Installation of the Chancellor Part 2

Part 2. Dr Brian Dickson, Keith Norton. Dr Dickson gives a speech to the convocation congradulating Dr Benedickson and thanking her for his doctorate, as well as talking about Canadian history. Norton speaks on behalf of the premier of Ontario. Representatives form other universities come up and congratulate Dr Benedickson.

Queen's University. Queen's Television.

Convocation- Jock Hardy Part 1

Part1. Main Speaker: Agnes McCausland Benidickson, George Munro Grant (actor), David Smith, Douglas Wright. Video begins with a re-enactment of the first convocation for the Faculty of Applied Science. Benidickson announces the re-enactment after which Grant (actor) announces convocation of the first two Applied Science graduates. Once the re-enactment is over Smith does a modern-day convocation, presenting Wright with an honourary degree. Wright then does a speech to the graduating class. The graduating class of engineers is then given their degrees.

Queen's University. Queen's Television.

Queen's / Edinburgh Teleconference Part 1

Part 1. Main Speakers: Johnathan Wills, B. Trotter, Many high-level acdemics from multiple different universities. A conference hall in Queen's and a conference hall in Edinburgh. Footage from live teleconference between representatives of many universities between a conference room in Queen's University and one in Edinburgh University. Topic of the conference seems to be on the evolution of technology and its uses.

Queen's University. Queen's Television.

Convocation 1990 Floyd Switzer Part 1

Part 1. Main Speaker: David Smith, Floyd Switzer. Brian Yealland opens with a prayer, and then Smith addresses the convocation with a speech. Switzer is then given his honourary doctor of laws, and then is invited to address the convocation with a speech.

Queen's University. Queen's Television.

Convocation, Hillary Part 2

Part 2. Main Speakers: David Riddick, David Smith. Begins with multiple representatives of different universities shaking Agnes Benedickson's and Smith's hands. Those who graduated from an MA program receive their degrees. Riddick addresses the convocation before receiving his honourary degree. Afterwards a video created for the sesquicentennial is played. Smith presents Ramon John Hnatyshyn, Marlene Brant Castellano, Helene Cixous, William Dennis Jordan, Alexander Marshall Levitt, Paula LeDuc, and Lydia Phindile Makhubu with an honourary degree.

Queen's University. Queen's Television.

Convocation, Hillary Part 3

Part 3. Main Speakers: David Smith. Stuart Ryan, avid Smith, Wilfred Cantwell Smith, and Malcolm Charles (unknown last name) are presented with an honourary degree. David Smith then addresses the convocation with a speech. Brian Yealland says a benediction, and the convocation ends.

Queen's University. Queen's Television.

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