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Address to the Canadian Club. Recorded in Toronto, Ont., on October 25, 1976

Prime Minister of Canada, Ottawa, Ont. John Turner, discusses national unity, and bilingualism. Side One: Turner Discusses national unity, and his views on language and bilingualism in Canada. He points out some problems with the way the law concerning bilingualism has been instituted. Side Two: continuation of above speech.

Barbara Elizabeth Ettinger

Retired nurse, Barbara Ettinger discusses the early days of Victoria School in Kingston, which was used as a "model school" for training of teachers by the Faculty of Education, Queen's University. She also talks about her father D.G. Ettinger, Principal of Victoria School who was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree by Queen's University in 1935. Side One: Interview by Reinolde Van Weringh. Side Two: Continuation of interview for 3/4 of side, rest blank.

Betty Walker-Rosenplot

Walker-Rosenplot, a teacher, discusses her career as a teacher at Victoria School in Kingston, as well as the teaching profession in general. Side One: Interviewer Haideh Rahnema interviews Betty Walker-Rosenplot. Side Two: continuation of above interview.

Betty Blackman

Blackman, a nurse (KGH 1944 Grad.) - Retired, discusses her experiences as a nurse in training during the early 1940's and her career at Kingston General Hospital. She presents a comparison of the day to day life of a nurse in past decades, with modern conditions. Side One: Interviewer Susan Conley interviews Betty Blackman with Elenor Gravely (K.G.H Grad 1946) in background. Side Two: continuation of interview for first 1/4 of tape, rest blank.

Robert Vandepeer

Artists and St. Lawrence College teacher, Robert Vandepeer answers questions relating to his backgorund, his view of art, why he became an artist, whether artistic talent is inherited or learned, his media, and influences in the development of the artist. Side One: Interviewer Susan Conley interviews Robert Vandepeer. Side Two: blank.

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