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Committee for an Independent Canada. National Unity Project Steering Committee. Recorded on November 1, 1975

CIA - National Unity Project Steering Committee meeting recorded on November 1, 1975. Side One: Steering Committee business discussed - Project philosophy Northern Conference (Yellowknife) Report. Plans for future conferences - prairie (Saskatoon) conference discussed. Side Two: Steering Committee business further discussed - Prairie (Saskatoon) conference discuss (and conferences in general). Discuss directorship.

Address to the Canadian Club. Recorded in Toronto, Ont., on October 25, 1976

Prime Minister of Canada, Ottawa, Ont. John Turner, discusses national unity, and bilingualism. Side One: Turner Discusses national unity, and his views on language and bilingualism in Canada. He points out some problems with the way the law concerning bilingualism has been instituted. Side Two: continuation of above speech.

John Orr Dinner

Tape of John Orr Dinner held at the Toronto Convention Centre, 14 November 1987, to honour Dr. John Meisel with the John Orr award. Side One: Flora Macdonald and John Meisel speaking. Side Two: John Meisel speaking.

Leon Krier - The City, The Citizen and the State

A lecture in the Queen's/Alcan art lecture series and the Citizen and the State Series. Speech given Oct. 30, 1991 in Wallace Hall for the sesquicentennial at Queen's. Side One: intro (by Pierre Du Prey) and speech. Side Two: speech continued (no questions).

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