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Address to the Canadian Club. Recorded in Toronto, Ont., on October 25, 1976

Prime Minister of Canada, Ottawa, Ont. John Turner, discusses national unity, and bilingualism. Side One: Turner Discusses national unity, and his views on language and bilingualism in Canada. He points out some problems with the way the law concerning bilingualism has been instituted. Side Two: continuation of above speech.

Interviews with Mabel Burkholder, Ian Wilson and George Whalley - 1970-1971

Interviews with Mabel Burkholder, Ian Wilson and George Whalley - 1970-1971. Side One: Burkholder interviewed by William F.E. Morley (Spring '71); Wilson interviewed on CKWS talks about the acquisition of the Donald C. Macdonald papers at Queen's University Archives (Jan. 1971); Whalley's address on war poetry (fall 1970). Side Two: Blank with print through.

Leon Krier - The City, The Citizen and the State

A lecture in the Queen's/Alcan art lecture series and the Citizen and the State Series. Speech given Oct. 30, 1991 in Wallace Hall for the sesquicentennial at Queen's. Side One: intro (by Pierre Du Prey) and speech. Side Two: speech continued (no questions).

Interview of Dr. Charles Band about his collection of paintings and sculptures - Oct. 27, 1960

Dr. Charles Band talks about collecting art and knowing the artists themselves. Side One: Side 1 of above. Dr. Band talks about collecting the group of 7 as well as American artists such as Homer, Ryder and Hawthorn. Reoppelleand Bordea also spoken of. Side Two: Continuation of interview. Talks about L. Harris, Varley, Jackson and Lismer. Talks about collecting.

Queen's Theological College - Eighty-Fifth Annual Conference

Item is a recording of Chancellor's Lectures - Chancellor's Lecturer: Pieter de Jong - "A Theology of the Christian Experience in a Global Conext". Side One: First Chancellor's Lecture - "The Challenge of the Global Context"; and H.R.S. Ryan - "Life and Death at General Synod"; Second Chancellor's Lecture - "Rediscovering the Mystical Tradition"; Third Chancellor's Lecture - "Silence, Stammering and Action".

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