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Reads: "Non Silba Sed Anthar". Copies of this card include some names on them, such as "E.A Pearce, Pickering, Ont, Farmer", and "JH Canningham, 317 King East Oshawa".

Correspondence to "kiggy"

Reads: "Dear Kiggy, We are having a Monster invitation meeting in Oshawa, on Friday May 8 at 8:15pm. A real good speaker has been secured for the occasion and Headquarters are giving us REAL [underlined] support. We are counting on you to do your part". Signed "IT SUB, AB Sanbey, Kligrapp".

Letter from John G. Hotchersall and CA Rutta

Inviting "kiggy" to first "Great Open Air Demonstration and Naturalization" in County of Hastings near Belleville on June 27, 1926. Goal of Demonstration to be inspiring for the "Protestant movement", describing it as a "Great Crusade". Wishes to come in Klan Regalia clothes to "impress onlookers".


Reads: "Whereas Jas S. Lord of St Stephens, Realm of New Brunswick" of "violating oath" and "guilty of creating dissention and discord". This document "banishes him from Citizenship in the Invisible Empire". Signed by a GA Warren, "acting Imperial Wizard".

Minutes of Kloncilium Meeting

Minutes of Kloncilium Meeting held at "Headquarters Office, 614 Excelsior Life Bldg, Toronto" on June 6, 1927, by the Knights of the Klu Klux Klan of Kanada. Following members present: Rev George Marshall, Imperial Wizard; Mr. JS Lord, Imperial Klaliff; Rev Benj Eckert, Imperial Kludd; Mr. JG Hothersall, Imperial Night Hawk; Mr. AH Godwin, Imperial Klonkann. Explains that "Trials of Balance" was submitted and adopted. List of Bills submitted, acknowledged as correct. Following members were recommended for banishment: R. Sharp, CL Rose, JS Hayword, CE Knight, Fred Smith, JE Hawclons, Miss Alice Raven (Kingston), and AS Higgins. Following actually banished: Me EL Ketteridge, Mr. A McMillon. Continues under the headers "Outdoor ceremonies", "Dues", "Floats and Jubilees Parade", "Canadians Knights of the KKK", "Dues cards", "Klan Paper", "Re: Saskatchewan". An E. Pitts at some point during meeting was asking for a re-hearing of his evidence concerning his suspension, desiring to prove his innocence.

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