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Confederation Park

View of the fountains in Confederation Park with City Hall in the background.

Bain, Jack H.

Princess Street

Postcard inscribed au verso "PRINCESS STREET, LOOKING EAST/KINGSTON, ONTARIO, CANADA". View includes Crown Diamond Paints, Sherwin William Paints, I.D.A. Drugs and the Capitol Theatre on the left and the Superior Restaurant, Diana Grill and Tonys Hairstylists on the right.

Bain, Jack H.

Thousand Islands - General Views

Postcard inscribed au verso 'The Thousand Islands/Ontario, Canada/Scenic Highway No.401, along the Canadian shore/of the St. Lawrence River'.

Bain, Jack H.

Saint George's Cathedral, Anglican (1862- )

Postcard which shows the front of St. George's. Inscribed (au verso) "ST. GEORGE'S CATHEDRAL/KINGSTON,ONTARIO, CANADA/(dedicated after rebuilding in 1900/The original structure,built in 1785,was the/earliest Anglican Church in Upper Canada."

Bain, Jack H.