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Joannes Stradanus, Brugens.

Item is a top-half portrait of Ioannes Stradanus, Brugens. Inscription as translated reads: "Johannes Stradanus, painter of Bruges Flowering Tuscany rejoices in the Belgian van der Straet. She envies the Belgians so great an artist, whose works Myron himself and Apelles admire, whom beautiful, learned Bruges brought forth."

Maximilien de Bethune.

Item is a portrait of Maximilien de Bethune.Duc de Sulli, Grand Maitre de l'Artillerie Marechal de France & c. Ne a Rosni en 1559.Mort en so Chateau de Villebon au pays Chartrain le 21 Decembre 1641. Pairs Odieuvre Md. Estamp. rue d'Anjou la derniere P. Cochere a gauche entrant par celle Dauph(e). C.P.R.

James Stanhope, Earl Stanhople

Item is an electro-steel engraved top-half portreat of James Stanhope; the First earl Stanhope, British General and Statesman (b.1673-d.1721). engraved by Cooper Sculpt.. The crest of the earlship is below the image inbetween the subjects first and Last name with the latin "A Deo Et Rege."

Armenian New Testament

  • CA ON00239 F00571
  • Fonds
  • 1702

Bible, New Testament. Ancient Armenian holograph written at Zeitoom in the province of Germanicia in Asia, at the Church of St. John and the Holy Virgin. Written by the hand of the priest, Harabed, in 1702.

Priest Harabed

New France

File consists of images of maps of New France as it related to the Kingston area.

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