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Horace Greeley

Item is an oval, half-tone (magazine) portait of Horace Greeley; American Journalist & Author (b.1811-d1872). From a 1872 photograph by Pearsall owned by the subject's daughter Mrs. F.M.Clendenin.

Hon Thomas Greenway

Item iswindow-matted, seated, balck and whire photographic portrait of the Honerable Tomas Greenway; Premier of Manitoba,1888-90 (b. 1838-d.1908). Signature included below the image on the matt.

Hon. Hamar Greenwood

Item is an window-matte,d top half, half-tone(magazine) print of Hon. Hamar Greenwood statesman (b.1870). Signature included on secondary window matt and in protective pouch.

Col Gzowski

Item is an oval colour lithograph of Col. Gzowski, Sir Casimir; A.D. C. t oQueen Victoria (b.1838-d.1898). Lithographed by Ralph Smith And Co,m Toronto fro ma Phrograph by Notman and Frasier,Toronto and published by J.B.Morgan, Toronto. On the botom left corner of the image is attached a smaller oval, half-tone (magazine) portraite of the subject.

Stephen Girund

Item is an seated, window-matted, electro-steel engraved print of Stephen Girurd (b.1746-d.1831). publisher, engraver and artist covered by matt or unidenified.

Major Girouard

Item is an double-window-matted, half tone (magazine) print of Major Girouard"The CanadianEngineer wh owon fame in Egypt and was made director-General of all the Egyptian Railways. He is now in South Africa with General Buller's Staff." In Egypt he was part of the Sudan Expidition (b.1867). Millitary picture series No. 8.

Hon Francis Gore

Item is an Window-matted, half-tone (magazine) print of Hon Francis Gore; Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada 1806-15/7 (b.1769-d.1852).

Mr. Goschen, member for the city

Item is an window-matted, half-tone (newspaper) print of George Jochim Goschen; "member for the city" and financier (b.1831-d.1907). Signature from a leter attached to the bottom right hand corner of the matt.

Hon Sir Lomer Gouin K.B.

Item is an seated, half-tone (magazine) print of Hon Sir Lomer Gouin K.B.; Premier, Province of Quebec, 1903 (b.1861). Attached is an undated image of the subject to the bottom right corner of the image.

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