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Joseph Hume

Item is an back-matted, electro-steel engraved, seated portrait of Joseph Hume; politician (b. 1777 - d. 1855). Engraved by W. Holl from a painting by G. P. A. Healy and published by John Saunders Jr., London . Includes attached signature to the bottom of the matt.

Andrew Jackson

Item is an seated, electro-steel engraved portrait of Andrew Jackson; American General at the Battle of New orleans during the War of 1812, 7th America nPresident (b.1767-d.1845). Engraved by A. B. Walter Phils.

Major-General "Stonewall" Jackson

Item is an dowble-window-matted, half-tone (newspaper) portrait of Major- General "Stonewall" Jackson; Confederate Army General (b. 1824-d.1863).

King James II

Item is an standing, electro-steel engraved portrait of James II; King of England (b.163-d.1701)/ Engraved by Thos. Brown and drawan by J. L. Williams from contemperary engravings by loggan and White after a painting by Sir Robert Godfry Kneller and Sir Peter Lely and published by Blackie & Son, London, Glasglow, Edinbourgh.

King James VII

Item is andecorated, top-half, electro-stl engraved portriat of King James VII; King of Scotland (b.1633-d.1701).

Sir James Kempt

Item is an back-matted, top- half half-tone (magazine) portrait of Sir James Kempt; Governor of Nova Scotia, 1820-28 (b.1764-d.1854).

Hon. G. A. Kirkpatrick

Item is an window-matted, top-half, half-tone (magazine) portrait of Hon. G.A. Kirkpatrick; Lieut-Governor of Ontario, 1892-7 (b.1841-d.1899). Includes his signature window-matted below the image.

Hon. Senator James Kirkpatrick Kerr, P.C., K.C.

Item is an window-matted, half-tone (newspaper) portrait of Hon. Senator James Kirkpatrick Kerr; P.C., K.C. speaker of Senate, 1909 (b. 1841 - d. 1916). Signature attached to the matt and a secondary image is attached to the print.

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