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J. G. Blanchet

Item is an oval, top-half, colour lithograph portrait of Joseph Goderic Blanchet; Speeker of the House of Commons 1872082 (b.1829-d.1890). Lithogrphed and published by J.B.Magurn of Toronto. Signature included.

Henry, Viscount Bolingbroke.

Item is a top-half, electro-steel engraving of Viscount Henry Boilingbroke: Statesman (b. 1678-d.1751) Engraved by H. Wallis and published by Charles Knight & Co. Ludgate Street. London.

Upper Canada College

Item is an electro-steel engraved illustration with a colour wash. The sky is coloured blue, with the background a rusty brown and a lighter beige for the foreground.

The Rideau Rifle Range

Item is a half-tone newspaper print. It shows the Rideau Rifle Range. It is signed in the bottom left corner as Schelu & Hogan, and in the bottom right hand corner Hry Wolf

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