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J.D. Bryce and Company invoice

  • CA ON00239 F01275
  • Discrete Item
  • 4 Aug. 1853

Invoice relates to sale of yard goods.

I.D. Bryce and Company

Poems in prose

  • CA ON00239 F01293
  • Discrete Item
  • 1923

A manuscript of poetry by Charles Baudelaire as translated by Arthur Symons.

Symons, Arthur William

Archives of Ontario Land Records Index

  • CA ON00239 F00910
  • Discrete Item
  • [178-]-1914

The index consists of two alphabetized listings-by locatee and by township or town pertaining to land acquired from the 1780's to 1914, from grants to the United Empire Loyalists to those for the veterans of the Boer War.. The information is derived from three groups of records : the Crown Lands Papers (R.G.I.), the Canada Company Papers (C.C.) and the Peter Robinson Papers (MS-12).

Archives of Ontario

The Petrie flag

  • CA ON00239 F00928
  • Discrete Item
  • [1964?]-1976

Early version of Canada's maple leaf flag and Order of service for memorial at Morgan Memorial Chapel, Queen's University, 1976 Oct. 5.

Petrie, Christopher Franklin


  • CA ON00239 F00113
  • Discrete Item
  • [ca. 1940]

Relates to different attempts which were made to determine the exact spot where Jacques Cartier landed on his second voyage to Canada.

Hamel, Joseph

Letter from Frank H. Vizetelly to Agnes Laut

  • CA ON00239 F00123
  • Discrete Item
  • Oct. 1933

A letter from Vezetelly to Laut, 1933 Oct. 10, from The Literary Digest, New York City, in which he enquires as to the pronunciation of her last name. Laut responses on same and returns it to Vezetelly.

Laut, Agnes C.

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