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Sir Robert Kindersley

Item is an seated, half-tone (magazine) portrait of Sir Robert Kindersley; Governor of the Hudson Bay Company (b.1872).

Dr Otto Klotz

Item is an iwindow-matted, half-tone (magazine) portrait of Dr. Oto Klotz; atrominer (b. 1852 - d. 1923).Signature window-matted to the left of the image.

Father Lacombe

Item is an back-matted, oval, half-tone (magzine) portrait of Father Lacombe; Vicar-General of the Diocese of St. Albert (N.W.T.),established schools in Western Canada (b. 1827 - d. 1916)..

Master Lambton

Item is an eelctro-steel engraved portrait of Master Lambton engraved by H. Phillips from a drawing by Mr. Thos. Lawrence R.A..

Colonel Sir William Howe De Lancey

Item is an ihalf-tone(magazine) portrait of Colonel Sir William Howe De Lancey. Engraved by H. Davidson and based on a miniature owned by W. H. De Lancey

Sir Francois Langelier

Item is an half-tone (magazine) portriat of Sir Francois Langelier; Lieutenant-Governor, Quebec, 1911-15 (b. 1838 - d. 1915).

George Lawson

Item is an window-matted, half-tone (magazine), Oval portrait of George Lawson; BotanistProf of Chemestry at Queen's 1858-63 (b.1827-d.1895). Includes signatureattachd bellow the image

Robert Marquis of Londonderry

Item is a window-matted, top-half, electro-steel engraved portrait of illustrated portrait of Robert Marquis of Londonderry (Viscount Castlereagh). Engraved by S Freeman fom a painting by Sir Thomas Lawrence and published by A. Fullerman, Lpndon and Aberdeen. Includes an attached signature from an 1814 letterto her royal highness.

Baroness De Longueuil

Item is a back and oval-window-matted, half-tone (magazine) portrait of th Baroness De Longueuil; once owning St. Selens Island near Montreal. From a small family portrait.

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