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11 West Street

Front view of frame house with unidentified woman on front walk.

506 Princess Street

Ornately decorated parlour in the home of George Newland on 506 Princess St.

62 Barrie Street

Two storey stone home of John Nicolle on Barrie St.

Glen Lawrence

Front view of 'Glen Lawrence', the summer home of C.C. Abbott. This was a large two storey home situated beside McIntosh apple orchard.


Exterior view of Hillcrest located at 72 Barrie St. ca.1800's or early 1900's. Several people are standing on lawn by tennis net.


Angled view of 'Hillcroft' on Hillcroft Ave. Two storey limestone home.

Lilley, George E.O.


Photograph of a lithograph with the caption 'Residence of Dr. J.D. Mackenzie, Kingston City, Ont.'


Angled view of the two storey limestone home known as 'Hillcroft' on Union St. Photo has the caption 'Hillcroft, the substantial home of William T. Minnes, on Union St.West, stands in richly wooded grounds of several acres and is one of the most imposing of Kingstons early homes. It was formerly the home of Sir Alexander Campbell.'

Kerr House

Front view of the Kerr House at 155 Earl Street. Two storey limestone home.

Lilley, George E.O.

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