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Lake Ontario.

Map of Lake Ontario after 1673, attributed to Louis Jolliet.

Lord Rodney

Item is an matted electro steel engraved round top-half portrait of Lord Rodney Admiral (b.1718-d.1792), with orimental design around the image as well as title. Matte has on top has a crest, possibly family with latin "Non Cenerant Aqile Columbas" on it. Below the image "Ddmiral Lord Rodney, Naval Govenor of Newfoundland, 1749 is writen in pen. Botom corners unattached.

Lord Chancellor Somers

Item is an seated top-half, electro-engraved portait of Lord Chancellor Somers (b.1650-d.1716). Engraved by T.A. Dean from a picture by Sir G. Hneller in the posession of the Royal Society and published by Charles Knight, Pall Mall east, London. Engraving is 'Under the Superintendence of the sociery for difusion of Useful Kniwledge."

Bishop Francis de Laval

Item is an window-matted,half-tone (magazine) portrait of Bishop Francis de Laval; Bishop of Quebec, 1674-88 (b.1623-d.1708). From the Bishop's Palace in Quebec..

GodeFroy, Count D'Estradees

Item is a window-matted, oval, top-half, hald-tone (newspaper) portriat of Godefroy, Count d'Estrades; Viceroy of Canada 1662- Feb, 26, 1886.

Edmont Fanning

Item is a electro steel engraving of Lieutenant Governor Fanning; Governor of P.E.I; 1786-1804. Engraved by B Reading and painted by Goddard.

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