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Queen's, for Alumni

Various different Queen's professors and administrative faculty present a series of clips showing important research and events happening across Queen's in 1980-1981, presumably created for alumni. Clips are of research by different engineering departments, football updates, the appointment of Agnes Benedickson as Chancellor, and random stock shots of Kingston. Each clip lasts from 1-5 minutes.

Queen's University. Queen's Television.

Convocation 1988, William David Mulholland

Main Speaker: David Smith, William David Mulholland. Location: Grant Hall. Begins with Smith talking about Mulholland before presenting him an honourary degree. Mulholland then addresses then convocation with a speech.

Queen's University. Queen's Television.

HRH 6, Airport 2 Departure

Location: Airport, presumably the Kingston Airport.video begins with the continuation of Queen's Band playing while camera pans over crowd. Prince Charles and Princess Diana arrive, board a plane, and take off.

Queen's University. Queen's Television.

The Appointment of William C. Leggett, Principal elect

Main Speaker: Dr William Leggett. Location: Potentially Summerhill. Richard Stackhouse speaks on the prevous principal's accomplishments before introducing Dr Leggett, who talks about how much he appreciates being appointed. Questions are taken from the audience for the rest of the video.

Queen's University. Queen's Television.

2010 Excellence in Research Public Lectures

Main Speakers: Roland Speicher, Philip G. Jessop. Speicher gives a lecture called "The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics" where he talks about the applications of pure mathematics in the real world. Jessop then gives a lecture called "Can Chemistry be Green?" where he explains the origins of green chemistry and the importance of reducing pollution while maintaining our economy.

Queen's University. Queen's Television.

Installation of Principal Williams (short version, installation only)

Main Speaker: Brain Yealland, Dr Thomas R. Williams. Location: potentially Grant Hall. Yealland opens the convocation with a prayer, then Dr Williams is installed as principal and vice-chancellor of Queen's University. He is then robed by representatives of the Queen's community. Afterwards Dr Williams delivers a speech to the audience.

Queen's University. Queen's Television.

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