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Ashton Residence

Angled view of the limestone house known as Ashton Residence located at 826 Princess St. This building later housed the Bowes and Cocks Real Estate Office.

Lilley, George E.O.

Wellington Street

Front view of a single storey stucco house with man standing in front of door. S. Sandinsk, owner.

45 King Street East

Front view of 45 King St.W. A two storey limestone house which was the home of Mrs. Edward Steacy.

506 Princess Street

View of an ornately decorated parlour in the home of George Newland, 506 Princess St.

Albert Street

Front view of Mr. F. Anglins house on Albert St.

Barberry Cottage

Front view of two storey limestone house known as Barberry Cottage at 102 Centre Street. Photo shows boardwalk in front of fenced yard.

Cartwright House

Angled view of the Honourable Richard Cartwright's house at 191 King St. E. (Corner of King & Gore St.).

Lilley, George E.O.

Frazer House

Limestone home known as Frazer House, located at 161 Earl St.

Lilley, George E.O.


Angled view of 'Keewaydin', home of Dr. J.B. Walken on Union St.West.

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