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John Buchan fonds
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Portrait of T. E. Lawrence

Item is a photograph of T. E. Lawrence, printed in a newspaper/magazine.


Glimpses of John Buchan

Address at the opening of John Buchan Exhibition, National Library, Ottawa, May 28, 1985. John Buchan describes the life and writing habits of his father, 1st Baron Tweedsmuir (also John Buchan). Side One: Introduction, by Miss Scott. Dr. Agnes Benedickson, Chancellor of Queen's University speaks on behalf of Queen's. 2nd Lord Tweedsmuir speaks about his life, great Canadians and his father. He talks about his father's writing. Side Two: Conclusion of 2nd Lord Tweedsmuir's speech. Governor General Jeanne Sauve speaks about Lord Tweedsmuir (1st) as Governor General. Officially opens the exhibit. Used about 1/2 of tape side; other 1/2 is blank.

National Library of Canada

Glimpses of John Buchan = Coup d'oeil sur John Buchan

Item is a booklet on John Buchan for "An Exhibition to Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of His Appointment as Governor General of Canada."

Queen's University. Queen's University Library

Journal articles by Bernard Richards and A. H. M. Kirk-Greene

Item consists of two journal articles published in a college magazine: "The Brazen Magazine, Vol. XVI No. 2". The articles include: "John Buchan's aesthetic consciousness" by Bernard Richards; and "John Buchan and his appointment as Governor-General of Canada" by A. H. M. Kirk-Greene.

Richards, Bernard

Letter, to from Susan Buchan to [D. Redmond?]

  • CA ON00239 F00596-S01-f0156-1
  • Einzelstück
  • 21 Oct. [1970]
  • Teil vonJohn Buchan fonds

Item is a handwritten letter on a postcard with a photograph of Susan Buchan's house. Recipient of postcard may have been Donald A. Redmond, who was a librarian at the Douglas Library of Queen's University.

Tweedsmuir, Susan Charlotte Buchan

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