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Byer's Cancer Cure

  • F3033
  • Discrete Item
  • 1899

Byer's Cancer Cure advertising pamphlet. Published in Markham, Ontario, in 1899 by Daniel Byer outlining causes of cancer as well as testimonials from "patients who have been cured."

D. Byer & Company

Kingston Junction O-scale Railway

  • F2992
  • Discrete Item

This DVD shows the original working layout, in operation, of the model railway, located in the basement of Kingston Collegiate and Vocational Institute, Kingston, Ontario.

Ledger of Thomas Burrowes, Justice of the Peace

  • F2988
  • Discrete Item
  • 1841-1865

Item is a handwritten ledger reflecting the work of Thomas Burrowes Justice of the Peace at Kingston Mills, Township of Kingston, Frontenac County. The ledger contains Memoranda of Fees and Charges, Return of Convictions and printed Schedules of Summary Convictions. The ledger documents the nature of the case, offense committed, dates, names of all parties such as prosecutor, witness(es), defendants, and Constables involved. It also notes fees levied and paid. There are a few loose receipts pinned onto one of the blank pages towards the back of the ledger. Of particular note is a hand drawn map of Pittsburgh Township, from Opinicon to Kingston along the Rideau Canal, dated May 4, 1841.

Burrowes, Thomas

[Photographs of Collins Bay and Bath Road]

  • F01180
  • Discrete Item
  • [Copied ca. 1990] (originally created [ca. 1903]-[192-])

Items are photographs of buildings and people at 4111 Bath Road (the home of Dr. Rankin) and Collins Bay.

McLean, Miss

Memoirs of Dr. James Stayer

  • CA ON00239 F3039
  • Discrete Item
  • 2014

Item is a copy of Dr. Stayer's unedited, personal memoir.

Stayer, James Mentzer

Notice to Shareholders

  • CA ON00239 F3034
  • Discrete Item
  • 1 Mar 1853

Broadside/circular notice to shareholders apprising them of proposed changes to the bylaws of the Society at the upcoming meeting to be held March 7, 1853.

Hastings Building Society

Grierson and Found

  • CA ON00239 F3029
  • Discrete Item
  • [ca. 1955]

Item is an audio reel (possibly optical and mag.) of Dr. Robert Grierson and Dr. Norman Found speaking.

Plan of East View Park

  • CA ON00239 F3018
  • Discrete Item
  • 1950

Item is a plan of East View Park (Township of Pittsburgh), originally drawn in 1890 and reproduced in 1950.

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