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King Street

Postcard inscribed "King Street in Winter, Kingston, Canada." and postmarked 17 November 1908.

Valentine & Sons Publishing Co. Ltd.

King Street

Item is a photograph of King Street with a view of the street taken from Market Square. View includes the Whig building, Empire Grocery and Waddington's.

King Street

View of King Street taken from beside City Hall. View shows the Block & Cleaver.

Princess Street

Item is a photograph of Princess street looking west from below Wellington Street toward King. View includes J. Galloway, Hats, Caps and Furs at 84 Princess Street; J. Henderson and Company Booksellers at 86 Princess Street; J.C. Hardy and Company at 88(?) Princess Street and Oberndorffer, Cigar Manufacturers.

Henderson, Henry

Princess Street

Item is a photograph of Princess Street looking east from just above Wellington. View shows Fashion Craft, Men's Apparel Shop, Jackson Metiver Ladies Wear.


Item is a postcard of the Dominion Match Company, Deseronto, Ont.

Heliotype Co. Ltd.

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