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[Galloway's talks about Greek myths]

Prisciall Galloway's talks about Greek myths, and Karen ??'s role as copy editor, etc. Side One: Transferred from small tape recorder.

Two interviews with Andre Bieler: cd about his first trip to western Canada 2) in Montreal

Two interviews with Andre Bieler 1) about his first trip to western Canada 2) in Montreal. Side One: Interview June 1968 with Bieler about his first trip to the west of Canada c1939/40. Development of Canadian art. Side Two: July 17, 1926(?) interview of Andre Bieler in Montreal. Talks about the art scene in Montreal and going to Queen's University to teach art.

Speech by Lord Rutherford 1931

Speech by Lord Rutherford on Scientific Research and Radiation 1931. Side One: Lord Rutherford speaks about his scientific research in radiation 1931 *copy of sr598. Side Two: blank.

"The Royal Welcome" written by Margaret Angus and produced by Miss Kay Stevenson of CBC - Summer Radio Institute ...

Kingston Entertainment Collection. Side One: "The Royal Welcome" by Margaret Angus. Directorial Cuts "The Key". Side Two: Christmas Day Broadcast by King George V and Commonwealth Choir Hookup - December 25, 1934. "Personality" - Sat. Oct. 27, 1962, D.M. Jemmett and H.H. Stewart. Dr. A.V. Douglas. CKLC Salute to CFRC - John Bermingham. Prof. Jemmett talking with Bob Leck. E.C. Kyte (1970 Dictaphone). E.C. Kyte (Oct.28, 1971) - incomplete.

"The Greatest Englishman of History"

Speech by Arthur Meighen delivered to the Canadian Club on Feb. 24, 1936. Side One: Meighen introduced by Col. Bishop. Mr. Meighen presents a glowing tribute to William Shakespeare, describing many of the Virtues Shakespeare is said to have possessed. He describes the unsurpassed genius of Shakespeare and the awe it engendered in the hearts of many of history's greatest men. He concludes that he was very much an Englishman asserting that "English were the traits he possessed. Shakespeare belonged to the world but as a product of England.". Side Two: continuation and end of Mr. Meighen's speech.

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