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Queen's University--Buildings
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Kingston Hall.

Drawing of Kingston Hall and Grant Hall. Depiction of Grant Hall somewhat different than reality.


View of old wooden observatory attached to Carruthers Hall. Historical notes attached.

Old Medical Building

Item is a photograph of the Old Medical Building. This photograph is after the third story was added.

Ontario Hall

Drawing of a proposed Geology, Mineralogy and Physics Building, School of Mining, Kingston, Ont. by Symons & Rae Architects, Toronto.

Fleming Hall/Jemmett Wing

Architectural drawing by Symons and Rae, Architects, Toronto. "Engineering Building/School of Mining. Kingston Ont/Symons & Rae Architects Toronto".

Grant Hall

Photocopy of a design submitted for the building of Grant Hall. This design, which wasn't selected shows two towers. Printed in the left hand bottom corner is "Arts Building and Convocation Hall/Queen's University Kingston Ont./Symons & Rae Architects Toronto."

Ontario Hall

Item is a photograph of Ontario Hall with a view of Ontario hall under construction, looking north.

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