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Bridge House fonds

  • F3045
  • Arquivo
  • 1981-2008

The fonds consists of constitutional documents, meeting minutes and daily logs from the two locations of Bridge house.

Bridge House

Jacalyn Duffin fonds

  • F3044
  • Arquivo
  • [198-]-2015

Fonds consists of correspondence, research, daytimers, awards, course material, student evaluations, Hannah Chair material, and more.

Duffin, Jacalyn

Simon Oberndorffer fonds

  • F3042
  • Arquivo
  • [188-]-1913

This fonds contains a small number of family photographs and newspaper clippings, a certificate of recognition regarding the building of Beth Israel Synagogue on Queen Street, Kingston as well as a list of seat holders at said synagogue, a memo from the employees of the Oberndorffer Cigar Factory on Simon Oberndorffer's retirement as well as an Oddfellows certificate.

Oberndorffer, Simon

Nancy Ossenberg fonds

  • F3041
  • Arquivo
  • [195-]-2018

Fonds consists of Dr. Ossenberg's data on her cranial project as well as other projects (she was a professor of anatomy and anthropology). There is also some correspondence, and some research notes for her projects. Also included are a few files on her family's genealogy of the Reid/Spence families.

Ossenberg, Nancy Suzanne Reid

Lillian Vaux MacKinnon fonds

  • F3038
  • Arquivo
  • 1921-1970

Fonds consists of prose and articles written by MacKinnon.

MacKinnon, Mary Lillian Vaux

Saturday's Passage

  • F3035
  • Coleção
  • ca. 1970

Collection consists of a shooting script for Saturday's Passage as well as a flyer advertising the world premiere of the film in Kingston on Saturday March 7th, 1970.

MBM Film Group

Byer's Cancer Cure

  • F3033
  • Discrete Item
  • 1899

Byer's Cancer Cure advertising pamphlet. Published in Markham, Ontario, in 1899 by Daniel Byer outlining causes of cancer as well as testimonials from "patients who have been cured."

D. Byer & Company

Saunders film collection

  • F3028
  • Coleção
  • 1932-1936

At the end of 1930 William Eric Pentland Saunders, late of the Indian Army, and his wife, Margaret Helen Saunders, née Inverarity, set out westward from England on a trip around the world. Eric and Maisie embarked on the USS Leviathan at Southampton on December 16, 1930 and returned to England, via Ostend, on about June 11, 1935. They were accompanied throughout by Ivy Vanderplank who was in their employ.

Upon arrival in New York City (December 24, 1930) Maisie bought a Kodak 16mm movie camera. The majority of the films were shot by Maisie, though there are brief glimpses of her in a couple of films, when someone else, likely Eric, took the camera. The numbering of the surviving films suggests that in the course of her trip around the world she produced at least one hundred and twenty-nine reels. She produced another seven 400-foot reels upon her return to the United Kingdom. Most of the films have disappeared, a few have merely not been salvageable. The collection therefore consists of twenty-four 400-foot films, seventeen from the trip around the world and eight from the period after the Saunders' return to the United Kingdom.

The earliest surviving reel shows Peking in January 1932; the latest shows England in the summer of 1936. There are no surviving films from the first year of the Saunders' travels. The majority of the films from the trip around the world refer to the last year of the Saunders' travels -- that is, in the Middle East and Europe in 1934 and 1935.

The Saunders toured Japan until early in January 1932, when they took a ferry to Korea. They made their way overland to Manchuria, freshly occupied by Japan, then down to Peking, where the first of the extant films (24) finds them. The next surviving film (26) begins in Shanghai, where the Saunders party arrived, apparently by ship, during the last phase of the fighting between the Chinese and Japanese (February 1932. The film also shows the group's departure on the USS President Coolidge and its arrival in Hong Kong. Maisie Saunders's films of her party's subsequent travels in French Indochina, the Dutch East Indies and Ceylon and their long sojourn in Australia have all been lost. One film (59) survives from the Saunders's months in New Zealand.

Of stylistic note: many of the films are being shot from inside/on board vehicles. The hood ornaments of their various cars are often visible in the shot.

Saunders, Margaret (Maisie) Helen Strickland

MASS LBP fonds

  • F3022
  • Arquivo
  • 2004-2021

The fonds predominantly consists of project files for the various engagements that MASS LBP undertook for a variety of clients from the beginning of the organization up to 2020. There is also material relating to the running of the partnership, a series of letters and responses for participation in the Civic lottery process and a series of Reports on completed works..


Susan Dick fonds

  • F3014
  • Arquivo
  • 1965 - 2010

Fonds consists of correspondence, writings, book and article drafts, and course material.

Susan Dick

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