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R-53 The Media and the Scientist R-54 The Urban League ... What is it? and where is it going

Conversations from Wingspread. Side One: Hos Dan Price speaks with guests Edward J. Epstein (writer), Irving Crystal (editor of the Public Interest and Professor of Urban Values at New York University) and Robert L. Bartley (Editor of the Editorial Page of the Wall Street Journal) Discuss the role of scientists as advisors and the media. Side Two: Host speaks with Ruth Atkins (Associate Director for Health Programs at the National Urban League), Gleason Glover (Executive Director of the League, in Minneapolis, MN) and Dean S. Londa (with the NUL in New York). Guests discuss the league as a National Civil Rights Social Welfare Organization. Started to help rural blacks to adjust to urban life. Works with civil rights now.

____ Rothwell

Head and shoulder portrait.

Rubens, Jerry Trudeau, Pierre Elliott

Side One: Discusses the founding of the Yippie Group, a youth movement begun in 1967. - 1969. Side Two: Address of Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau to students of Queen's in Grant Hall with question and answer period - 1969.

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