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[Unknown film - Yukon footage?]

Film seems to be a compilation of footage from the Yukon Territories. There are a few scenes in which Vero Wynne- Edwards appears: putting gas into a truck and cooking a meal over an open fire. There are also images of Vero with members of a northern indigenous community; an RCMP officer; a large paddle boat on the (Yukon?) river; Dawson City perhaps, seen from a train; fisheries; and mining operations. A fair amount of the footage is aerial.

[Yukon - film 2]

Film is comprised of a variety of scenes from the Yukon Territories, There is footage of fly fishing, mechanical fishing apparatus, peak to peak visuals. There is also footage from a very bumpy road trip along the Alaskan highway. CF-BX1 float plane can be identified.


Film is comprised of footage from around Montreal. Starts with the observation of a nesting platform for a peregrine falcon on top of a city skyscraper. The nest contains eggs which are then filmed hatching. There is small amount of footage of the young birds. There are a variety of street scenes in and around Montreal with a focus on the large tulip garden donated by the Dutch government. There is footage of a convocation and/or royal visit in Montreal. The second half of the film is focused on the Port of Montreal. Many boats are pictured in frame with a focus on R.M.S. Nascopie, which is then filmed leaving port and heading up the St. Lawrence. A number of birds (seagulls, white-winged crossbills) are along filmed from onboard the ship.

[Unknown film - Yukon?] #4

Film is comprised of footage most likely taken in the Yukon Territories.The film begins within a community. Shows a bulldozer on the banks of a river. Also shows potentially different community on the shores of the river. A lovely sequence of gutting and cleaning a fish preparing it for drying. The float plane CF-CPP makes an appearance.

[Unknown film - Yukon footage?] #3

Film consists of aerial footage of the Yukon, predominantly lakes and woods. There are aerials of a small community on a peninsula which then transitions to footage within a community(ies) with visuals of happy children, dogs, tents, fish drying, community members repairing nets.

[Unknown film - Yukon footage?]

Film is colour, silent footage of rivers, mountains and lakes. Also shows some mechanical equipment for dredging and fishing in a river. The plane CF-BX1 is featured which was a Northern Airways Fairchild registered in the Yukon Territories.

[Yukon - film 1]

Film begins with footage of the paddle boat Casca on the Yukon River. There is footage of vegetation and some birds. There is a northern settlement shown with smiling children, fish hanging to dry, sled dogs and wooden house. Float plane CF-BD? is shown right before a number of aerial shots of mountain ranges. There is also a sequence showing the packing of a smaller boat with what is presumably research gear in order to further in land with a local(?) guide.

Original film on Bird Song Recording

Three versions/copies of the same film showing Bill Gunn in the field capturing audio of birds. All three of the films are spliced (presumably) from original footage. They are in various states of condition. Shown is Gunn's parabolic microphone as well as a variety of other audio equipment. One of the reels is attributed to W.H. Carrick.

Bluebirds of Happiness

Film distributed by Film Fare International that shows children playing, a variety of birds, and the setting up of bird boxes. This film was edited by Lucie Robin, written by Ed Hailwood and narrated by Helen Hutchison. The film was created with support from the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council.

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