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William Kingsford, Esq., C. E. LL. D.

Item is an window-matted, half-tone (magazine) portriat of Wiliam Kingsford. Esq, C.E. LL.D.; historian and lwyer (b. 1819 - d. 1898). Signature attached to the bottom of the matt.

Louis Philippe Adelard Langevin

Item is an window-matted,oval, half-tone (magazine) portrait of Louis Phillipe Adelard Langevin; Archbishop of St. Boniface, 1895-1915, identified with the Manitoba School Question (b. 1855 - d. 1915). Published a week after his death at the Hotel Dieu at Montreal..

Mesire Piere Lanin

Item is an oval, electro-steel engraved portrait of Messire Pierre Lanin; Council of the King, French Forieign minister before 1300.

Abbot Laurence

Item is an eletro-steel engraved portrat of Abbott Laurence. no identified engraver or publisher.

Marquis of Lorne (Duke of Argyll)

Item is a window-matted, colour ilithgraphic print of the Marquis of Lorne (Duke of Argyll); Governor-General of Canada, 1878-83 (b.1840-d.1914). Attached to the image is the crest of Argyll (Ne Oblivisaris).

Lord Loudoun

Item is a back-matted, oval, electro-steel engraved portrait of Lord Loudoun; Commander-in-Chief in America, 1756-8 (b.1705-d.1782). Engraved by Miller..

The Hon. Stephen Lushington P.C. D.C.L.

Item is a window-matted, electro-steel engraved portrait of the Hon. Stephen Lushington P.C. D.C.L.;Privy Councillor, 1838 (b.1782-d.1873). Engraving from a deawing from life by D. Laugee. Includes signature attached to the matt in the bottom right corner.

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