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A Tradition of Caring

  • CA ON00239 F01597
  • Discrete Item
  • [ca. 1990]

Item is a video documentary on Kingston General Hospital, featuring a historical overview of healthcare in Kingston, interviews, and scenes of Botterell Hall construction.

Crawley Films Ltd.

Price List of Negro Slaves

  • CA ON00239 F00201
  • Discrete Item
  • 1832

Item is a list of slaves that had belonged to the minor heirs of Henry Boyd.


[CKWS recording of song performances]

  • CA ON00239 F01230
  • Discrete Item
  • [ca. 1955]

Item is an album containing three recordings. Side 1 contains "Make Believe" performed by Annabelle Innes and "Until" performed by Sydney Callum; Side 2 contains the "Stephen Foster Medley" performed by Angrove Singers with Lenore Black at the piano.


Plan of East View Park

  • CA ON00239 F3018
  • Discrete Item
  • 1950

Item is a plan of East View Park (Township of Pittsburgh), originally drawn in 1890 and reproduced in 1950.

Delos Everett Bell collection

  • CA ON00239 F02938
  • Discrete Item
  • [191-?]

Item is a "banner" for Queen's University "Meds '14."

Bell, Delos Everett

Letter to Goldwin Smith from the Union League Club of New York

  • CA ON00239 F01652
  • Discrete Item
  • 1864

Letter to Professor Goldwin Smith (Oxford) from George P. Putnam (publisher) requesting permission to send him a collection of books which the Union League Club of New York had compiled and purchased for distribution to "influential gentleman and a few of the public libraries of Europe" in order to convey the views and accurate information on the struggle in which America found itself engaged. Also includes a small broadside relating to the collection of books selected by the Club to be sent to Europe called the "Rebellion Record for Europe" indicating who was to receive a complete set of the "Record".

Union League Club

Account book

  • CA ON00239 F00007
  • Discrete Item
  • 1812-1814

The ledger of accounts lists both debits and credits for various Indigenous individuals and/or their families, listing items purchased and the cost, as well as the credited value of the furs, canoes or services provided (as guide or paddler) in exchange for goods. Individual family names mentioned in the book are as follows: Chingigan, Quéquétashitch, Sagaqueshcawa, Endianoy, Kishabick, Saganackishkam, Mitassogone (alias Ten Nights), Wabanangay, Awassikigick, Eguiniwina, Monjackipinacy, Eniwishcowa, Misinabigan, Poutchonce, Ogotchitch, Weyouse, Meyawabenwey, Camisquabenokee, Nabikitawa, Oguimanwanaquit, Nawaqueshkam, Nikickoboam, Misigwabe, Seyqueweshitch, Espasawetch, Heniwabenokee, Miscoutiquane, Enénne, Weyassigay, Shwassowiné, Keloweshcawa, Coucatchie, Piquaghkoshtiquanagan, Macatai Ininie, Piquitchinini, Canangiwetch, Wabichinigish, Wabacon, Ochiboy, Omisoe, Wacakigick, Boeref, Oguimankigisk, Misinangay, Capaykigickonce, Neyabinawa, Minawanikigick, Canisawetch, Sagatap. (transcription errors are likely)

North West Company. Fort Temiscamingue

Autograph Album of Maggie Bamford, 1877-1879.

  • CA ON00239 F00284
  • Discrete Item
  • 1877-1879

The album belonged to Maggie Bamford, a sister-in-law of Charles Lavell who was a son of Dr. Michael Lavell. Contains poems, short essays, signatures and stickers.

Bamford, Maggie

Kingston Junction O-scale Railway

  • F2992
  • Discrete Item

This DVD shows the original working layout, in operation, of the model railway, located in the basement of Kingston Collegiate and Vocational Institute, Kingston, Ontario.

Kingston Sleighing Club minute book

  • CA ON00239 F02580
  • Discrete Item
  • 1849-1851

Item is a detailed book of the proceedings of the Kingston Driving Club from 26 December 1849 to 7 February 1851. The proceedings were predominantly written in prose, though occasionally in verse, by the Vice-Presidents of the Club; the role of Vice-President rotated at each meeting. The subject matter of the minutes is heavily weighted towards the social aspects of the meetings and often touches upon the route travelled during the outing, the food and drink served, the abilities of specific drivers and the qualities of various horses, harnesses and sleighs. The authors of the entries were: Lt. Col. Horn, XX Regiment (also known as the 20th East Devon Regiment of Foot); Major Hugh D. Crofton, XX Regiment; Baron de Longueuil; Major Forbes; Captain Sharpe, XX Regiment; Lt. Morrison, Royal Engineers; Dr. Horatio Yates; Major Gen. Hon. C. Gore; J.A. Corbett, Sheriff; Astley P. Cooper; John B. Forsyth; Lt. Henry P. J. Miller, Royal Artillery.; Lt. J. Gore, ADC; Mr. Bowen; Dr. Combe, Royal Artillery; and Lt. W. Markham. Additional members of the club are identified as: Lt. John Yerbury Moggridge, Royal Engineers, Treasurer; Hon. Peter Boyle de Blaquiere; Captain Cane, XX regiment; Lt. Miller, Royal Artillery; Lt. Hill, Royal Artillery; Lt. Evans, Royal Artillery; Lt. E. F. Anstey, XX regiment; Lt. M. T. Thomson, XX Regiment; Lt. Lutyens, XX Regiment; Captain Sharpe, XX Regiment; Capt. McCausland, Royal Engineers; Lt. Adair, XX Regiment; Lt. Mansfield Turner, XX Regiment; Lt. McNeil, XX regiment; Lt. Col. Young, A.A. General; Dr. Cole, XX Regiment; Lt. Sedley, Royal Engineers; Lt. Seale, Royal Artillery; Dr. Robeson; Mr. Muttlebury; Mr. Kirkpatrick, Mr. McLean; Lt. Poley, XX Regiment; Lt. Davis, Royal Navy; Mr. Hinds; Mr. Bowen; Mr. Stevens, XX Regiment; Mr. Turner, XX Regiment; Major Symons, Royal Artillery; Baron de Rottenburg, A.A. General; Captain South, XX Regiment, Mr. H. James, XX Regiment; and Lt. Col. Dalton, Royal Artillery. Of particular note are two drawings included in the journal.

Kingston Driving Club

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