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Elisabeth Langgässer - Hörspiel "Ahnung und Gegenwart"

Recordings of two radio plays, including one by Fran Kleinschmidt derived from Langg?sser's "Ahnung und Gegenwart". Side One: Elisabeth Langg?sser - Hörspiel "Ahnung und Gegenwart" v. Fran Kleinschmidt 1986. Side Two: Forts. Hörspiel . Kapital aus M?rk. Argon E. 2. liest 1949.

Langgässer liest Flandr. Herbst, Seite B: AWR 28.11.90

Radio documentaries on Elisabeth Langg?sser and Alfred Döblin. Side One: SWF 2, 2.12.90, 19.15-20.00 Uhr = "Literatur regional": ?ber A. Döblins "Schicksalsreise; haptsächlich Vortrag Anthony W. Rileys in Darmstadt am 28.11.90. Side Two: "Flandrischer Herbst. Ein Totentanzspiel im Lande Brueghels, Tyll Ulenspiegels und Timmermanns." Wiederholt im SWF2, 23.11.1986, 19.15-20.00 Uhr.

Letter from Amyot to Ryland

A Mr. Godon wishes to make inquiries of Ryland, who is in London, on the subject of the Executive Council of Lower Canada, if Ryland will call on Amyot.

Letter from Amyot to Ryland

Amyot announces the temporary appointment of Ryland's son to the "Deputation" in the event of Taylor's death, to be permanent if Amyot's brother does not wish the post. The terms: "Payment to me of the emoluments of the office exceeding the salary of �360 currency, per annum for himself and assistants." He mentions a visit from a young Captain, requesting an appointment in Ryland's name. Amyot suspects that Ryland did not recommend him, and asks for verification. The Duke of Richmond is about to sail for Canada.

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