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Letter from Amyot to Lieutenant-Colonel Ready

Amyot informs Ready that Ryland has waived his son's claim to Amyot's deputyship. The death of the Duke of Richmond has rendered impossible an arrangement which His Grace had planned, and so Lieutenant-Colonel Ready and Ryland will deputize pro tem for Amyot, until an arrangement can be made with Lord Bathurst's sanction, or the appointment of a permanent deputy becomes necessary. Meanwhile Ryland receives and transmits Amyot's salary and other sums due to Amyot from Mr. Taylor's representatives.

Letter from Amyot to Ryland

Amyot sends Ryland copies of the Debates on the ill-fated Union Bill. He explains that Londonderry did not care to press the Bill against Sir James Mackintosh's opposition. A misunderstanding has arisen among Amyot, Sir Nathaniel Burton, and Colonel Ready concerning the former's position. He will not relinquish it to Ready for a sum out of the profits, but he would accept Burton's offer of a �300 pension. Canning is talked of as Londonderry's successor.

Letter from Amyot to Ryland

After discussing the affairs of acquaintances, Amyot tells Ryland that the latter over-weights the extent of court influence. The direct line of court patronage, he explains, is not to be compared to that of parliament. A financial panic continues in the City, and it will affect Montreal.

Letter from Reverend William D. Ryland to Amyot

The Reverencd William D. Ryland (son of H.W. Ryland) has gone to England and is in touch with Thomas Amyot, who has lent him money for his initial expenses. Lord Goderich, (Frederick Robinson), has been made Colonial Secretary.

Letter from Amyot to Ryland

After discussing money matters, Amyot proceeds to tell Ryland that the arrangements for his (Amyot's) civil list pension of 400 and for appointing a Mr. Daly in his position are nearly complete. Daly has most discourteously applied for the position without Amyot's knowledge. Amyot will now feel less interest in Canadian politics, which have always bewildered him.

Letter from Amyot to Ryland

Thomas Amyot has ceased to be Secretary of Lower Canada. He discusses financial matters and Daly's appointment. Amyot has just finished presiding at a protracted meeting of a Board for electing a chaplain for the Westminster Hospital.

Letter from Amyot to Ryland

Amyot mentions money matters and assures Ryland that worries he had entertained regarding the attitude of an unnamed high official to him were unfounded. A ship bearing a letter from Amyot to Ryland has been lost, but the letter contained no news of importance.

Letter from Amyot to the Reverend William D. Ryland

Amyot has received a remittance for Ryland from his father, all that he can spare for the time being. He encloses a copy of the Quebec Gazette containing an address by Ryland's father, moved in the council, which did not pass, relating to the Supply Bills. H.W. Ryland has sent copies of it to Sir George Murray, W. Peel, Lord Althorpe, and Mr. Wilmot Horton. Although it is "clearly and ably written", Amyot cannot see in what way it will benefit Ryland's position. He cannot think of any way in which the curate can better his income.

Letter from Amyot to Ryland

After taking considerable pains, Amyot has been able to get one dozen "metallic milk dishes" of three quart capacity for Ryland's dairy. He has also sent Ryland the books he requested, and awaits the account. The King is believed to be somewhat better, though still in a precarious state. Sir Robert Peel's death has occasioned a temporary suspension of business in the House of Commons. A receipt is enclosed in this letter.

Letter from Amyot to Ryland

Amyot will forward a letter to Sandridge, and states that he will not discuss the points of difference between H.R. Wyland and W.D. Ryland, as he feels it impossible to convince either that he was not in the right. Amyot has not yet been able to introduce W.D. Ryland to Lord Spencer. He hopes that Ryland's request for a grant of land will be met. He has not yet received a bill of lading for the milk pails. He cannot obtain "Barbary Seeds". (Barberry). King William IV's reign "begins popularly".

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