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Kerr, Clark Bissell, Claude Thomas

Side One: Clark Kerr: "Higher Education in the United States: The best of times, the worst of times." [Address in the Chancellor Dunning Trust Lecture Series] Dec. 5, 1968. Side Two: Claude Thomas Bissell: "Academic freedom: the student version" [Address in the Chancellor Dunning Trust Lecture Series] Feb. 27, 1969. Discusses the ideals and beliefs associated with student academic freedom, rather than faculty freedom. Divides the student protest movement into two groups, one being a small core with a fanatical commitment to their cause, who believe in coercive action. the second group he calls activists, is larger but willing to negotiate. Comments on the rise of student power predicting some positive consequences this will have. He also indicates the danger in the rise of the authoritarian view. Broadcast on CFRC..

Brown, Gordon fl. 1960's - Lepan, Douglas V.

Side One: Convocation of graduate studies - 1969. Business, Theology and MacArthur College (First Grads) - Fanfare, "Oh God Our Help" (Padre Laverty) Invocation and J.J. Deutsch and Address by Douglas V. Lepan. Side Two: Dr. Gordon Brown, Dunning Trust Lecture, Oct. 29, 1969. Educational Freedom and Responsibility in Contemporary Society. Discusses the role of today's engineer holds in dealing with the problems of population, pollution, food shortage, and the focus on increasing the standard of living. Relates this to the need for universities to change by responding to the changing structure of society..

Queen's University Convocations - May 24, 1968 and June 1, 1968. Dunning Trust Lecture - Feb. 16, 1972

Convocation Ceremonies and a Dunning Trust Lecture. Side One: Commentary; address by J.A. Corry, Ernest Sirlock, Carl Arthur Winkler (continued on side 2). Side Two: Address by C.A. Winkler (continued from side 1); Dunning Trust Lecture "Higher Education in Developing Countries" by Dr. Baffour.

Queen's University Dunning Trust Lecture - Feb. 16, 1972

Baffour's address "The Role of Education in Developing Nations." Discusses issues that need to be addressed when administering an educational program in a developing country. Uses his native country of Ghana as an example in speaking of the problems which can arise when attempting to make change. Side One: introduction by John Deutsch; Address by Baffour (continued on side 2). Side Two: Baffour's address (continued from side 1).

Baffour, Robert

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