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Berry, Wallace R.
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Photographs, Aerial

Item is a photograph of a view of Kingston showing Macklin Residence, Barrie at King on left, Water Purification Plant (steam museum) on right and University in background (left).

Berry, Wallace R.

Aerial Photographs

Aerial view of Kingston's Harbour & waterfront, looking northeast from City Park area to the LaSalle Causeway, printed as a calendar for the Kingston Whig Standard by Hewson & White.

Berry, Wallace R.


Three photographs showing the launching of the RCMP boat "Fort Steele" at the Kingston Shipyards.

Berry, Wallace R.

Figure Skating, 1976-77.

Ontario Women's Intercollegiate Athletic Association Figure Skating Champions 1976-77. All individuals are identified.

Berry, Wallace R.

Figure Skating

Ontario Women's Intercollegiate Athletic association (O.W.I.A.A.) Figure Skating Champions. All individuals are identified.

Berry, Wallace R.

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