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[Shoreline with two Buildings] (#2)

Item is a photograph of a shoreline of a beach with two buildings in the background, same as #15 but taken from a different angle that captures more forestry inland, possibly Sandbanks

[View of Carleton Island From Afar]

Item is a photograph of a view of docks and buildings taken from a distance to include large area of island and shoreline with four people standing on one of the docks in the center

[Wolfe Island Band Sitting With Instruments]

Item is a photograph of the Wolfe Island Band sitting on the steps of Town Hall with a "Proclamation Prohibition Plebescite - Frontenac" poster on the front doors

[The Edmond Passing Under Railway Bridge with Onlooking Cyclist]

Item is a photograph of the Edmond (steamboat) coming Under Railway Bridge at Kingston Mills locks, 5 women, 2 children and a man onboard poses for the camera in the distance while a cyclist looks at the boat and a child sits in the foreground looking at the cameraman

[Two Women and an Elk]

Item is a photograph of a man hidden behind a fenced in elk and two visible women observing the elk from the opposite side of the fence in the countryside

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