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Cree carrying furs

Image shows three Cree Natives and a white man standing in front of a house, specifically in front of the door. The Cree are carrying furs, and one of them has his back to the viewer, one smokes a pipe and looks directly at the camera, and the third is facing forward but looking down. The man seems to be unlocking and opening the door with his back to the photographer. There are two snow banks in the foreground.

Long way house beside tepee

Photograph shows a long way house beside a Tepee. The foreground is a vast expanse of grass and various bits of wood. The house on the left has its door open, though nothing inside if visible, it has three visible windows. The Tepee has its door open, but facing away from the viewer. In the background there are many tall fir trees to contrast with the vast expanse of open sky.

Group Portrait

Photograph shows three inuit women and one child standing in a row in front of a fence, with a smaller child sitting in the front (beside a pot with a lid on it). The standing child has a handkerchif covering her head, and the woman she stands next to has her fur linned hood up. Otherwise all heads are uncovered. They all wear fur snow-pants and animale skin jackets, with boots. The children wear fur mittens. The background shows a snow-scape.

Indian Man, Woman, and Child

Photograph shows a child bundled into a blanket with a handkerchief covering her hair in the foreground. A woman in a heavy dress with a shawl over her shoulders in the middle ground. And a man with a broad-brimmed hat in the background. They are seated in a field with a wooden fence behind them. The group is against a small fir tree, perhaps for height comparison. All three figures look toward the viewer.

Man and Canoe at River Side

Photograph depicts a canoe in the foreground (on the grassy shore), rapids in the middle and backgrounds. A line of fur trees provides a back drop, and serves to break up the horizon line. A man stands near the rapids, in the middle ground, one knee bent, one hand on his hip, this other arm dangling beside his raised knee. He seems to be dressed in pants, a white shirt, and a vest. He is wearing a cap. He is looking directly out at the viewer.


Photograph shows six huskies of varying ages, some laying down, some standing, some in motion, outside a house. Taken close up. Foothills can be seen in the background on the right.

Post House

Photograph shows three Cree men sitting in the grass outside an outpost building, with a fourth standing beside its open doorway. All men are dressed in western style work clothing, and are wearing hats. The three men in the foreground are engaged in conversation, while the bearded fourth stands looking toward the viewer. The building itself seems in disrepair, it has a one window on either side of the open door way, and a third behind the trio who sit with their backs to the building. There are various bits of equipment scattered around, and a section of fence to the left.


Photograph is of a very large tepee, made up of what would appear to be numerous animal hides sewn together. Difference in texture is outstanding. There are rocks piled about the bottom of the outside to hold sides down. This dwelling is set up in the middle of a flat, grassy landscape.

York Boat

Inscription on back of copyprint reads "a Yorke Boat. One of the most . . .carriers of James Bay". Chesterfield attempted to edit part of a dog out of the foreground of this image, however, the dog remains on the negatives. Shows part of a dock in the foreground, with the boat in the middle ground, with three large sails, and a cluster of four people upon it. In the distance there are rolling hills dotted with trees, and a vast expanse of sky beyond that.

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