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401 Inn

Brochure advertising the 401 Inn at Kingston. Includes aerial view of the Inn along with views of the Colonnade Dining Room and one of the hotel rooms.

Albion Hotel

View of the Albion Hotel located on the corner of Montreal Street and Queen Street, with several wagons lined up outside.


View of Alford's and neighboring stores on Princess Street ca. 1970's.

Aitken, Reg

A-One Clothing Store

Item is a photograph of a view that shows the A-One Clothing Store (358 King St. E.) on the corner of Princess & King. Can also see Larry's at 354 King St. E. and Jacks clothing at 66 Princess St.

Lilley, George E.O.

A-One Clothing

View of A-One Clothing store on the West side of King Street at Princess.

Aunt Lucy's Drive-In

Item is a photograph of an angled view of the front of Aunt Lucy's Drive-In located on Highway No.2, one mile west of Kingston.

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