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[Steam Ship "Rideau Queen"]

Item is a photograph showing three-quarters of the steamship called Rideau Queen from Kingston to Ottawa, several people are onboard inside the cabins, only 3 men on the top deck make eye contact with the camera

[Sail Boats, Row Boats and Canoes]

Item is a photograph of two sail boats, three row boats and a canoe (with three sail boats in the background and two more row boats in the background)

[Water Scene]

Item is a photograph of a river (possibly Thousand Islands)

[School House]

Item is a photograph of an unknown wooden house, possibly a school house

[Saw Mill with People]

Item is a photograph of one woman, three men and a child posing infront of a saw mill

[Saw Mill]

Item is a photograph of a saw mill

[Four Women, a Man and a dog with a Hammock]

Item is a photograph of four women (one sitting in a hammock) with a dog and a man wrapped in a blanket. They are all relaxing and enjoying a picnic despite it being windy (noticable by the women's hair blowing in the wind) and the man looks cold.

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