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"Conversations from Wingspread" R-220 Nuclear Power - Part 1

Discussion on Nuclear Power by Dr. Beta, Dr. Anderson and Dr. W. Bennet Lewis. Side One: Hos Hal Walker discusses nuclear energy with Dr. Hans A. Beta (Winner of Nobel Price in Physics), Dr. John Wendal Anderson (Professor of Physics, Cornell University and Laboratory of Nuclear Studies, Ethica, N.Y.) and Dr. W. Bennet Lewis (Professor of Science, Queen's University). Hal Walker asks whether nuclear energy is the long term answer to the energy needs of the U.S.A. and Canada. Dr. Lewis answers for Canada. The possibilities and risks of nuclear power is discussed. Side Two: blank.

"Conversations from Wingspread" R-221 Nuclear Energy - Part II

Discussion on nuclear power with hos Hal Walker and Dr. Alvin Wineberg and Dr. J.S. Foster. Side One: Host Hal Walker discusses nuclear energy with Dr. Alvin M. Wineberg (former director of the Oakbridge National Laboratory) and Dr. J.S. Foster (President of the Atomic Energy Canada Ltd., Ottawa). Hal Walker asks questions on the present state of the use of power in the U.S. and Canada. Other questions, etc. Side Two: blank.

"Conversations from Wingspread" R-312 Nuclear Energy: The Future of the Risks

Dan Price talks with Dr. Karnasel and Dr. Rathjens about nuclear energy's future and risks. Side One: Hos Dan Price speaks with Dr. Albert Karnasel (Associate Director of the program for Science and International Affairs at Harvard) and Dr. George Rathjens (Professor of Political Science at M.I.T.) They sum up the current usage of nuclear energy in the U.S. Risks discussed. Side Two: blank.

"Conversations from Wingspread" R-313 Nuclear Energy and the Developing Countries

Dan Price talks to Con Alday, William Epstan and Abraham Chaise about nuclear power and developing countries. Side One: Host Dan Price speaks with Con Alday (Managing Director of British Nuclear Fuels Ltd.), William Epstan (visiting Professor at the University of Victoria and speacial fellow at Unitar-United Nations Institute ofr training and research); and Abraham Chaise (Professor of Law from Harvard Law School), Dan Price asks the other their assessment of the attractiveness of nuclear power to the developing countries. They discuss concerns as well. Side Two: blank.


Poem recited with background music and brief interludes of singing. Side One: Desiderata.

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