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Limestone Lacrosse Club. City and District Champions 1931. All individuals are identified.

Marrison Studio

Lawn Bowling,1936.

Kingston Lawn Bowling Club. Winners of Governor-Generals Cup, 1936. All individuals are identified.

Marrison Studio


The Limestones soccer team with Alfie Pearce.


Prominent members of Kingston Athletic Fraternity who are members of 146th Battalion, C.E.F. Kingston,Ont. All individuals are identified.

Marrison Studio


Curtis Pusher Bi-plane D-8-60 flown by Charles Walsh of Curtis Exhibition Co. Trobably first airplane flight in Kingston, June 3,1912.

Airplanes, 1928.

Item is a photograph of Government Inspectors from Dept. of Civil Aviation landing May 1928 to inspect first Municipal Airport. Identified are Harry Muir, Mg. of Whig- Standard; Dr. W.W. Sands, City Clerk; W.H.Herrington, Lawyer; Ald Harry Sargearth, Druggist.

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