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Symposium: The Mission of the University: The University & Society Part 1

Part 1. Main Speaker(s): Jill Conway, Shirley Carr, Robert Bandeen. Location: Grant Hall. Part of a symposium held in conjunction with the installation of Principal David Smith. Begins with Conway talking about the university's role in society. Carr then reponds to Conway's comments. Afterwards Bandeen also offers his thoughts on the presentation.

Queen's University. Queen's Television.

John Kettle: Careers in the 21st Century Part 1

Part 1. Main Speaker(s): John Kettle, Ann Hawkins, Jim Bennett. Begins with Kettle lecturing the audience on the future of work in Canada. Afterwards Hawkins talks about necessary skills needed to enter the workforce in the future, and Bennett comments on Kettle's speech.

Queen's University. Queen's Television.

Creating New Ventures Speaker Series #6: Claude Gidman - Dealing With Design Dilemmas: Tangibles vs Intangibles Part 1

Part 1. Main Speaker(s): Claude Gidman. Location: Lecture hall. Begins with a man talking about Gidman and his accomplishments. Afterwards, Gidman lectures the audience on how to overcome dilemmas in product design for the remainder of the video.

Queen's University. Queen's Television.

Manufacturing Excellence in Alcan Enterprises, with Ian Rugeroni Part 1

Part 1. Main Speakers: Carol Beatty, Ian Rugeroni. Video contains Beatty interiewing Rugeroni about his time as CEO of Alcan Enterprises. Conversation begins with Rugeroni talking about his acquisition of Alcan Enterprises before the conversation shifts to how he changed the working culture at Alcan.

Queen's University. Queen's Television.

Anorexia Nervosa, Dr. McSherry, Student Health Services 1/2

Part 1. Main Speaker(s): Dr Jim McSherry, Dr Dianne Delva, Dr Elspeth Baugh, Dr George Ashman, Dr James Hanforth. Location: lecture hall. Video begins with Dr McSherry introducing himself to the audience before introducing the panelists of the symposium. He then talks about the eating disorder Anorexia Nervosa. Afterwards Dr Delva talks about the phyical effects of anorexia. Next, Dr Baugh talks about the behavioural characteristics of anorexia. Dr Ashman delivers a lecture on inpatient management og someone with anorexia. Finally, Dr Hanforth the possible causes of anorexia. The panelist take audience questions for the final portion of the video.

Queen's University. Queen's Television.

A. Bader & Family at Agnes Etherington Art Centre 1/3

Part 1. Main Speaker(s): Alfred Bader. Location: Agnes Etherington Art Centre. Contains a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the video "The Bader Collection: European Paintings". Throughout the video directors can be heard giving instructions to Bader and the camera operators. The camera cuts several times, after which the film crew can be seen setting up to record footage for the TV segment.

Queen's University. Queen's Television.

Alfred Bader?s Art Collection, Agnes Etherington Art Centre 1/2

Video is a series of silent shots of different paintings donated by Alfred Bader to the Agnes Etherington Art Centre. Several different shots of the same painting are shown in succession from differnent angles focusing on different portions of the painting, before transitioning to another painting.

Queen's University. Queen's Television.

Cross-Faculty Teaching Forum: Enid Lee - Curriculum, Resources and Materials 1/2

Part 1. Main Speaker(s): Enid Lee. Location: Donald Gordon Centre. Begins with Lee asking the audience to introduce themselves and to mention anything related to curriculum that they want to discuss. Afterwards, Lee then delivers a workshop on how the audience members can create an inclusive curriculum that covers more of non-European culture. Later she passes out some written pieces of curriculum and asks the audience to discuss the racist issues within the piece.

Queen's University. Queen's Television.

Cross-Faculty Teaching Forum: Concluding Remarks & Evaluation of the Forum (2 tapes)

Part 1. Main Speaker(s): Enid Lee, Several audience members. Location: Donald Gordon Centre. Video is of a mass discussion and review of the Cross-Faculty Teaching Forum presentations. The audience members from each of the forum presentations offer thoughts on the forum presentations, and review what they learned from it. Unknown man at the front of the room marks down the important points they mention on a large sheet of paper. They then create a letter to principal David Smith stating a list of suggestions to improve the university curriculum in regards to its treatment of minorities. The audience then agrees to sign the letter. Afterwards,the discussion about the forum resumes headed by Lee.

Queen's University. Queen's Television.

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