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Item is a photograph of an excerpt from the "London Gazette Extraordinary" reporting an attack by Bradstreet on Fort Frontenac.

Fort Frontenac, 1758

Item is a photograph of a pen & ink with wash map by L.P. Vallerand of 'Vue de Frontenac ou Cataracoui'.

Peachey, James.

A southeast view of Cataraqui on Lake Ontario. Pen, ink and watercolour.

Peachey, James.

A View of Cataraqui on the entrance of Lake Ontario in Canada taken from Capt. Brants house July 16,1784. Pen and ink and watercolour.

Fort Frontenac, 1784.

Plan of old Frot Frontenac and town plot of Kingston, 1784. Surveyed by John Frederick Holland. Original is coloured manuscript plan with sacle of 1' to 1 chain. Inset is elevations and ground plans of new British barracks.


Item is a photograph of the Hains Circus in Kingston. Au verso-'Dive of Prof. - 50 ft.'

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