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[Marquis of Dalhousie]

Item is a matt photo print of Marquis of Dalhousie, Founder of Dalhousie University; Born 1770- died 1838.

Lemoine's Point Farm

File consists of 5 photographs of Lemoine's Point Farm; the summer home of William Hugh Coverdale. Two exterior shots and three interior shots.

Coverdale, William H.

[Unknown film - Yukon footage?]

Film seems to be a compilation of footage from the Yukon Territories. There are a few scenes in which Vero Wynne- Edwards appears: putting gas into a truck and cooking a meal over an open fire. There are also images of Vero with members of a northern indigenous community; an RCMP officer; a large paddle boat on the (Yukon?) river; Dawson City perhaps, seen from a train; fisheries; and mining operations. A fair amount of the footage is aerial.

[Yukon - film 2]

Film is comprised of a variety of scenes from the Yukon Territories, There is footage of fly fishing, mechanical fishing apparatus, peak to peak visuals. There is also footage from a very bumpy road trip along the Alaskan highway. CF-BX1 float plane can be identified.


Film is comprised of footage from around Montreal. Starts with the observation of a nesting platform for a peregrine falcon on top of a city skyscraper. The nest contains eggs which are then filmed hatching. There is small amount of footage of the young birds. There are a variety of street scenes in and around Montreal with a focus on the large tulip garden donated by the Dutch government. There is footage of a convocation and/or royal visit in Montreal. The second half of the film is focused on the Port of Montreal. Many boats are pictured in frame with a focus on R.M.S. Nascopie, which is then filmed leaving port and heading up the St. Lawrence. A number of birds (seagulls, white-winged crossbills) are along filmed from onboard the ship.

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