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Latin Scrolls collection

  • CA ON00239 F00789
  • Coleção
  • 1489-1593

The fonds consists of fourteen vellum Italian scrolls written in Latin, relating to wills, marriage settlements and disposal of monastery property.


Narre des Hostilités commises sur l'Ohio en Amerique par les Francais; et de la Negociation qui s'en est suivie entre les couronnes de la Grande Bretagne et de France

  • CA ON00239 F00889
  • Coleção
  • 1774-1775

The fonds consists of a manuscript narrative (21 pages) together with 22 supporting documents presenting the official British case concerning the Anglo-French boundary disputes in North America and the course of diplomatic negotiations, 1754-1755. The narrative begins with George Washington's expedition to Fort Duquesne and his surrender at Fort Necessity and ends with Admiral Boscawen's ambassador's subsequent departure from London. These important manuscripts deal with the struggle between the French and English on the Ohio. In 1756, the French ministry published the following: "Memoire contenant le precis des faits, avec leurs observations envoyees par les Ministers d'Angleterre, dans les Cours de l'Europe." Sabin records this publication and notes: "The very curious history of this "memoire" deserves special attention. At the surrender of Fort Necessity by Washington, his Journal of the Expedition, together with the letters of Braddock to the British Ministry, and his instructions to Washington, were seized by French victors. They were immediately transmitted to France, and by order of the French king, printed and sent to every court of Europe as indicative the agressive character of the British. Drawing from these documents, they charge Washington with the murder of Jumonville. From the "Memoire" it will be seen that it is an answer to the "Observations" from the English Ministry sent to the Courts of Europe. It is suggested that "Narre des hostilites" with the supporting pieces are the English "Observations."


Dorothy Geiger collection

  • CA ON00239 F01565
  • Coleção
  • 1783

Ontario's first township: John Collins' survey of October 27, 1783, of a six mile square township in the Province of Quebec near the ancient Fort Frontenac, now part of the City and Township of Kingston, Ontario; plan showing Collins' survey.

Geiger, Dorothy

City of Kingston Subdivision Plans collection

  • CA ON00239 F01401
  • Coleção
  • [18--]

Mylar copies of original plans from the Frontenac County Registry Office. Collection consists of alphabetical series A-D.

Frontenac County Registry Office

Oaths collection

  • CA ON00239 F02772
  • Coleção
  • 1793-1808

Collection consists of oaths signed by multiple individuals, relating to militia commissions, allegiance to the King and abjuration. Also includes oaths of office for appointment as Justices of the Peace.

Letters, 1810, to Quetton St. George

  • CA ON00239 F01068
  • Coleção
  • 1810

The collection consists of letters to Quetton St. George circa 1810. Hugh was a clerk in the general store of Laurent Quetton St George in York in 1807 and soon assumed responsibility for the Niagara branch of the business. In 1810, he was transferred to Kingston. The letters are of a business nature.

Thomson, Hugh Christopher

Bernard Carr collection

  • CA ON00239 F00635
  • Coleção
  • 1690-1815

The fonds consists of British legal documents and instruments relating to one piece of land in Ipswich, Suffolk, England.

Carr, Bernard

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