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  • CA ON00239 F00042
  • Discrete Item
  • 19 Nov. 1947

Photostat of letter relating to economic problems and necessity of selling old masters, etc.

de Bourbon, Louis Charles

Letter to Miss Lynne Hardtman

  • CA ON00239 F00043
  • Discrete Item
  • 22 Oct. 1958

Relates to the origin of the Paul Bunyan legend.

Bourinot, Arthur Stanley

Land grant, 1801 Oct. 22.

  • CA ON00239 F00044
  • Discrete Item
  • 22 Oct. 1801

Parchment land grant of 100 acres in Kingston Township.

Brewer, Aaron

British American Land Company Deed

  • CA ON00239 F00045
  • Discrete Item
  • 9 Oct. 1841

Deed is to Erastus Osgood and relates to land in Compton Township, Quebec.

British American Land Company

H.M.S. Brittania Ship's Log

  • CA ON00239 F00046
  • Discrete Item
  • 11 Jan. 1834-13 Nov. 1834

Pages 241 to 320 of log of H.M.S. Britannia, 1834 Jan. 24-1834 Nov. 13. Pages 243-246 missing. Contains pen and ink drawings of H.M. Corvette 'Scout' being repaired, also of 'Bottom of Luda (?) Bay, Candia' (Isle of Crete), October 1833 (artist's signature illegible), as well as other elevation drawings and maps of Mediteranean ports.

H.M.S. Brittania

Letter to M.C.

  • CA ON00239 F00048
  • Discrete Item
  • 21 May 1861

Relates to family matters, and an appeal for an allowance for C. Phillips, a veteran of the Indian campaigns.

Brougham, Henry, Lord

Letters to George Bullock

  • CA ON00239 F00049
  • Discrete Item
  • 1842-1858

Holograph letters from H. Scobie, A.E. Ryerson and A. Vidal.

Bullock, George

Ledger of John Burch

  • CA ON00239 F00050
  • Discrete Item
  • 1818-1827

Includes transactions for a general store.

Burch, B. John

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