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Office of the Governor General of Canada fonds

  • CA ON00239 F02256
  • Arquivo
  • 1765-1951

Fonds consists of records created and/or maintained by the Office of the Governor General of Canada and by the colonial predecessors of that office. As regards the pre-Confederation period, some general comments about the relationships among the various levels of administration are useful at this point in order to provide a context for understanding the scope and type of records created. The Governor or Lieutenant Governor of each colony in British North America may be seen to have maintained three levels of communication, which are reflected in the structure of the record-keeping systems in their offices. Great consistency is evident in the segregation of despatches prepared in the Governor's name (first and second level) from letters prepared at his orders but signed by his Secretaries (third level). At the first level were despatches exchanged with the Colonial Office. More detailed comments on the nature of this relationship and the records it created are found elsewhere within this fonds in the descriptive entry for the Correspondence with the Colonial Office series. At the second level were despatches exchanged with fellow governors and senior officials who might be categorized as colleagues. Although practice varied in detail from one colony to another and over time, despatches exchanged between the Governor-in-Chief and Lieutenant Governors, with the Commander of the Forces, the British Minister at Washington and with certain senior government officers were traditionally filed or recorded together. The resulting series of despatches received, drafts of outgoing despatches and entry books of despatches received or sent may not at first glance appear as so coherent a mass, particularly as not all the records have survived. The text of any one despatch may be found in multiple locations: as received by the addressee, as recorded (in an entry book) by the signatory for future reference, or as a duplicate/copy sent to a third party for reference. Thus, while no one series can be said to be complete, the texts of all documents relevant to a specific question can generally be tracked down in at least one location. At the third level were letters addressed to and received from subordinates. Responsibility for preparing and signing correspondence at this level was delegated to the Private, Civil or Military Secretaries. More detailed comments on the nature of this relationship and the records created are found elsewhere within this fonds in the descriptive entries for those series which contain records created and maintained by the Civil and Military Secretaries.

Canada. Office of the Governor General

Hart family fonds

  • CA ON00239 F02301
  • Arquivo
  • 1765-1883

The papers constitute the richest collection of documents tracing the history of the Jews in Canada from 1760 to 1850. During this period in which Sephardic Jews were dominant, the Hart family allied itself to most of the Jewish families in Canada and the United States. The fonds consists of the following series: Religion; Arts; Education in Canada; Journals; Political papers; American invasion; Medicine; Military; Social life; Family papers; Land papers; Legal papers; Financial papers; Industries; Local business; International business; Maritime affairs; Railways; House locations; and Miscellaneous.

Hart (family)

Louis Dion dit Dumontier fonds

  • CA ON00239 F02737
  • Arquivo
  • 1766-1943

The fonds consists of seven documents detailing the land transactions of Louis Dion dit Dumontier. Also includes details of the original transfer of records, and an item listing.

Dion dit Dumontier, Louis

Upper Canada Sundries collection

  • CA ON00239 F01320
  • Arquivo
  • 1766-1840

The series consists of letters, petitions, reports, returns and schedules, certificates, accounts, warrants, legal opinions, instructions and regulations, proclamations and other documents received by the Civil Secretary of Upper Canada, 1791-1841, together with copies of some documents of 1766-1809. These were made for reference purposes, form a very miscellaneous series known as the Upper Canada Sundries. This arises from the extensive range of duties performed by the Civil Secretary, and from the custom of plurality, whereby an individual might hold several offices but custom and practice did not give rise to separate record-keeping systems for each office. The post-1841 correspondence received in RG 7, G 20 reflects the narrowing of responsibilities in the Civil Secretary's office in that period. .

Upper Canada. Civil Secretary

Parrot family fonds

  • CA ON00239 F00922
  • Arquivo
  • 1769-1897

The fonds consists of correspondence, legal documents, business records and miscellaneous records of James and John Parrot and other members of a United Empire Loyalist family. Of historical interest are an estimate of Lieutenant Parrot's losses in the American Revolution, statements of accounts with local businessmen, an inventory of farm and house, and agreements between a teacher and the parents of students

Parrot (family)

Clergy Reserves collection

  • CA ON00239 F01543
  • Coleção
  • 1774-1887

Manuscript letters and lease book typed transcripts, photostats from National Archives and printed materials concerning the creation and disposition of Clergy Reserves of land in Upper Canada 1791-1856.

Clergy Reserves

Narre des Hostilités commises sur l'Ohio en Amerique par les Francais; et de la Negociation qui s'en est suivie entre les couronnes de la Grande Bretagne et de France

  • CA ON00239 F00889
  • Coleção
  • 1774-1775

The fonds consists of a manuscript narrative with 22 supporting documents presenting the official British case concerning the Anglo-French boundary disputes in North America and the course of diplomatic negotiations, 1754-1755. The narrative begins with George Washington's expedition to Fort Duquesne and his surrender at Fort Necessity and ends with Admiral Boscawen's ambassador's subsequent departure from London. These important manuscripts deal with the struggle between the French and English on the Ohio. In 1756, the French ministry published the following: "Memoire contenant le precis des faits, avec leurs observations envoyees par les Ministers d'Angleterre, dans les Cours de l'Europe." Sabin records this publication and notes: "The very curious history of this "memoire" deserves special attention. At the surrender of Fort Necessity by Washington, his Journal of the Expedition, together with the letters of Braddock to the British Ministry, and his instructions to Washington, were seized by French victors. They were immediately transmitted to France, and by order of the French king, printed and sent to every court of Europe as indicative the agressive character of the British. Drawing from these documents, they charge Washington with the murder of Jumonville. From the "Memoire" it will be seen that it is an answer to the "Observations" from the English Ministry sent to the Courts of Europe. It is suggested that "Narre des hostilites" with the supporting pieces are the English "Observations."


William Eric Craven Harrison fonds

  • CA ON00239 F02069
  • Arquivo
  • 1775-1998

Fonds consists of correspondence, to and from, his parents, his wife Elizabeth Tatchell, and numerous friends and colleagues; subject files; diaries; manuscripts; books and articles; addresses and lectures; records relating to his time as an Historical Officer in the Canadian Army during the Second World War, as a professor in the department of History at Queen's University at Kingston, and his Retirement Dinner in 1970 from Queen's; and photographs. There is also a very interesting series of letters relating to Captain John Hamilton Brown, as well as an armband of the Dutch Forces of the Interior.

Harrison, William Eric Craven

Frontenac Provincial Park research collection

  • CA ON00239 F01947
  • Coleção
  • 1777-1997

Fonds consists of correspondence, research notes, manuscripts, interviews and photographs that went into the writing of the book entitled, "Their Enduring Spirit - The History of Frontenac Provincial Park, 1783-1990". The records document the social and family life around Frontenac Park, as well as the extensive mining, farming and logging industry in that area.

Fuchs, Terry David

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