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Side One: i) W.H.R. "Unfinished Epic" and comment ii) "Wistfull Eve" iii) "That Strange and Wonderful Trip". Side Two: i) Pittsburgh Township Centennial Poem ii) "Waning Summer Revified" to GFG Stanley iii) "MacPherson House".


JAR (Joe) and CBR (Cliff) talking. Side One: Cliff talking about 1942, the draft, going overseas and his return to Ottawa in 1945. There is a music interruption at one point and then conversation continues discussing family issues.. Side Two: Discusses Miriam, dating, making a table out of the sign on the road to Abbey Dawn ....

Fluorescent Light

Side One: Fluorescent Light influence on health (recorded program). Side Two: Misc. / Unidentified male reciting a poem at the wedding of Daphne Robb Duet & David at Abbey Dawn, June 1, 1974..

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