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Present Island

Item is a film of a family fishing and swimming in Georgian Bay.


File consists of photos of Queen's University, including snow sculptures on campus, the Department of Physics, the syncrotron, convocation, and various students and faculty. Also includes images of the Hughes, Hays, and McRae families, as well as images of Kingston, including a grain elevator.

[Photo Album]

File consists of an album containing images of RMC, Kingston Mills, Richardson Bath House, and soldiers, as well as family photographs in and around Kingston.

[E. Louise James (?) Photo Album]

File consists of a photo album with images of women picnicking, at the beach, and around Kingston, as well as images of Science Rush at Queen's University, Kingston Penitentiary, and Rockwood.

Gerald Buist collection

  • CA ON00239 F3094
  • Sammlung
  • 1908-1960

Collection consists of photographs of Queen's University and Kingston, including images of snow sculptures, buildings and events on Queen's campus, as well as photo albums of families in Kingston with images of Royal Military College, military encampments, and various Kingston buildings. Also includes the films of O.T. Macklem.

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